MONEY MONDAY: 2015 Time To Upgrade

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Every new year people make resolutions to lose weight, stop bad habits .. Etc. This year, let’s try something different. I’m sensing something new and different for the new year. 2015 is a season of change and a season of upgrade.
Instead of making resolutions that you know you’re going to break, make a promise to yourself that you’ll raise the standards for everything in your life this year.
Create new goals, dress better, eat better and treat people better. Upgrading yourself as a person and your goals, automatically upgrades your bank account. You’ll earn more, shop smarter and live well.

“Upgrade the way you think and upgrade your life.”

For me, a greater spiritual connection is a part of my upgrade. Instead of settling in certain areas of my life, I am raising the standard for myself both spiritually and physically.

See yourself the special and unique, the way God sees you. Treat yourself the way you should be treated. The more you value yourself,  the more you’ll upgrade your life. After a while, you won’t won’t even have to think about upgrading things in your life, it will become automatic.
When you raise your standard upgrading happens automatically. You’ll think on a higher level, you’ll walk with more confidence and you’ll believe the impossible to can happen in your life.

Join me in 2015, the year of the upgrade – by reflecting on your life, seeing yourself victorious, happy and accomplishing things on a new level.
You can live your dreams, if you upgrade and believe that great things can happen for you. – Monica Link

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