Defy Gravity and Live Your Dreams in 2018

The word “Can’t” has always been a dirty four letter word in my vocabulary. Whenever there’s a rule in society. Whenever someone tells me I can’t or there’s an obstacle tha seems to overcome, I dig in and fight harder.

I’ve been blogging the”Live Your Dreams” message for years. Being the liviing example of that message has come with a high price. I’ve had to run races, jump hurdles and switch my strategy time and time again. The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome is myself. Through my imperfections, I’ve learned that every dream I had as a little girl, teenager and adult can be achieved.

Some days I stumble, I may even fall, but I always get back up. By faith I know that anything is possible. I truly beileve I can achieve great things and so can everyone around me.

People will tell you “can’t” and there’s always a reason – some of them are valid. Your life is not about the other people, it’s about what you believe and the measure of faith you have to carry out the vision for your life.

There are people throughout the course of history who became politicians, singers, teachers and achieved great things when the odds were against them. No one believed that sucess was possible for them.

If there’s something that you really want, are you going to let you age, income, weight, social status or other obsacles stop you?

You can rise above whatever is holding you back from doing the things you really want to do. Even if you’re a person who has everything, there’s always something you may be afraid to try for fear of failure, rejection or ridicule.

2018 is a new year with another opportunity to do something you’re proud of. No matter what the obstacle, you can defy gravity and reach for the stars.