Living Life in Slow Motion, Trey Songz and City Life

trey songz

By Monica Link

I live in New York City. The big apple is a fast town, with fast people and constant movement. There’s always an advocate for getting “over it” and “moving on” from something in this town. What happens when you live life in slow motion? Trey Songz has a great love song about Slow Motion. We all need a minute to reflect, enjoy life, unplug from all of our devices and refocus on what’s important. We need to look at where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Is life moving too fast? If so, it might be time to slow down and smell the roses.

I’ve missed and sped past some key moments in my life when I moved too fast. I had to go back, revisit and learn from them.

In 2010, I went to see my niece run in the Junior Olympics in New Orleans. I was with my mom and my sister and her family in the Big Easy. We had so much fun on that trip. Time went by so fast. Five years later, my niece is a high school graduate headed to her freshman year in college. We lost my mom in 2014 and her love lives with us and her presence is greatly missed.

Losing my mom and seeing my niece grow up so fast made me realize how much life should be enjoyed and every moment cherished. When someone you love passes away, life seems different. Someone you love is missing and someone who loved you is gone.

Since my mom passed away, I’ve hit the rewind button and went through my life with her in slow motion.

My childhood .. her advice .. her love … our moments as a family – – My mom lives in every moment.

In the past year, the greatest lesson I’ve learned is to slow down and focus. Slowing down gave me time to find my purpose again … it got lost in my race to live my dreams and make it to the top. My life changed and how I reach my goals changed with it.

In the age of stress, heart attacks, cancer and anxiety attacks, we all need a minute to reflect on what’s important.

Cherish every birthday, every job, every vacation and every moment with yourself and your family. Keep them in your memory and in your heart. Life is meant to be lived, not rushed through. Slowing down isn’t easy, but worth taking the time to enjoy life’s precious moments.