Okay APP Fuses Fashion with Technology


If you’re going out Saturday night and you’re not sure what to wear, fashionistas on the new Okay Fashion App will give you the answer. The super trendy app available on android and iphone devices launched in 2014, right before the holidays. I had the chance to attend the launch party at Jay Z’s 40/40 Club in Manhattan.

The app does not disappoint. There are real fashion bloggers, designers and industry people from around the globe who use the app. Anyone can sign up and take pictures wearing an outfit and ask the audience, “is my outfit OK?”

Another cool feature is that ANYONE can give an opinion about a users outfit. That means you can give your opinion too.

The founders of the Okay app are french businessmen who appreciate the world of fashion. The app’s goal is to connect industry insiders with real people on a social networking platform.

The app is social, but you don’t have to pick and choose friends. You can make photos available to everyone on the app and get a well-rounded opinion. Downloads are free. Give it a test drive and find out if that sweater your grandmother gave you makes the cut.    – Monica Link

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